NBC Gear

:: Here's a brief rundown on what kind of video gear NBC uses for a job like the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Sony Hi-Def Cameras:
* Four HDC-1000's (set locations, short and tall tripods)
* Eight HDC-1500's (mobile, handheld)
* One HDC-3300 (set at end of rink, super slo-mo)

Canon Lenses:
* Two 100 x 9.8
* Three 86 x 9.5
* Four 22 x 7.8
* Four 11 x 4.7

Connected via SMPTE optic fiber cables to Telecast SHED's for sending and receiving signal as well as power for the camera. Sent down a TAC-12 single-mode fiber snake to the video truck to the Sony CCU's for iris and color control. Off to the transmission truck and away it goes. I'll try to get some audio specs in the next couple days as well ::