Look and Feel

:: There have been some obvious changes to those who have visited this site before. The new layout is a little less harsh on the eyes with a little more variety. This, in a way, reflects a bit of what I'm getting into with school and what I want to pursue in my studies of new media. I've realized that a variety of skills is a must in this world, and more areas of knowledge means more opportunity. Plus, the thought of learning about new fields of media like TV, video post-production, web, and others is really exciting. A lot of this is stemming from planning for certain internships next year; more on that later.

Another change you might have noticed is that all my audio material has been moved to my external site, aptly (and without originality) named the "File Vault". I will try to stay as up-to-date as possible with those, which I don't think will be a problem since it's a little more organized. A permanent link will be at the top of this page under the header, and I will include a link in every post that is about some project I've done and been able to upload for your listening pleasure. That link is below ::