When engineers attack!

:: This is a truly unfortunate recording right here. This was my tenth week project from fall quarter, and it's...well, it's not something of which I'm entirely proud. But hey, it's something I've done, and I feel a certain obligation to my few loyal readers to post it on here.

So basically the band that I was going to record didn't show up. No big deal, whatever. My partner Max and I were basically forced to record ourselves. The parts you hear are the only parts there are: me on drums, me on piano, me on vocals, and Max on bass. The drums were miked with the M/S setting on a Shure Viper overhead and a spot on the kick; the piano was miked by setting the Viper to stereo and adding in a cardioid to try a real M/S stereo miking position; the bass was done with a single large diaphragm in front of the amp; and the vocals were actually achieved by me strapping on a binaural headset (Dr. Normar) and walking around as I talked. Enjoy ::

UPDATE: File is now only available at http://musicianator.web.officelive.com/default.aspx